Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gifts, Bosses and the Workplace

We recently fielded  the following request from a Senior Manager at a high profile tech company:
‘Can you make recommendations for potential gifts for someone I work with - she's an admin, not my admin but has helped me a bunch.  Should I wait for Secretary's day?’

Waiting for a Hallmark Holiday, such as Administrative Assistant’s Day, April 27, is too far off in the future.  Express your appreciation once the job is done and the memory is still fresh.  This will go a long way towards cementing an ongoing positive working relationship.

Knowing only that the Admin is female, I would suggest a gift that she can make use of on a daily basis, at home or in the office, one that is practical but also attractive, a gift that indicates that  you have gone to some trouble to find something unique, and of good quality.

After all, flowers fade, and chocolates could send the wrong message (too personal, flirty) but a distinctive picture frame makes for a much appreciated desk accessory and is great way to express gratitude. 

At Chic by Design Collections, we feature three unique choices:

The leather  'Croc' Embossed Frame  is the more conservative and luxurious of the three. Pictured here with the Old World Paperweightboth make for excellent corporate gifting.

The Stainless and Wood  frame, which can be engraved, is a sleek, modern option.  Pictured here with the Globe Puzzle, another great corporate gift option since it, too, can be personalized.

The Mini Frame by L'Objet, aglow in Swarovski crystals and backed in leather, is bound to delight the Moms in the office.

Happy Gifting!


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