Friday, November 25, 2011

Cheese Boards: Love At First Sight

Russell James Ooms loves wood. I love cheese.  When I came across these gorgeous boards, I knew I had to make these available to Chic By Design's customers.

Gently priced at under $50.- and ideally sized at 8"x10",  they make great gifts this Holiday season.

I sought Russell out and was graciously invited to witness the process, from start to finish, that goes into making these hand-crafted beauties.  He even encouraged me to make my own board, which I did, though it was not as easy as it looks!

Using  a trove of found and  recycled woods - everything from a local wild plum tree on his property, to wood from the island of Palau in Indonesia, as well as poplar, mahogany, Douglas fir, padauk, purple heart, mulberry, Mexican rosewood, amongst others - Russell and his companion Debbie waste not a single cut-off from his commissioned pieces.  Carefully considering a collage of complimentary colors, each board quickly takes on its own distinctive personality .  The result, several days later, is a silky smooth, vibrant, one of a kind board stamped with Russell’s signature.

To purchase, click here.

Happy Gifting!


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